Sunday, September 30, 2007


Gauri Tapasya Giita at Stutimandal

Sample: O Rāma! Having taken the guise of a Yoginī (one who does penance), I will go to the forest, due to [the love of] my consort.[1]

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Saturday, September 29, 2007


Krishna Stotram at Stutimandal

Sample: Sing praises of the Lord of Yadu, Kṛṣṇa, along with Kamalā (Lakṣmī), Who is like the noise of forest-drums for the rabbit like fool, Whois like a mighty elephant for the dense tree of sins, and Who is like the best horse for the chariot like qualities of mercy and righteousness.[1]

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Parameshvar Stotram at Stutimandal

Sample: O Father, Who is universal Lord, Who controls thinking, Who is the Lord of metempsychosis, Who is Vibhu, Who is the supreme ruler, Who is beyond everything, Who is pure, and Who absolves the men! Please absolve me, who has fallen into Your feet, who is sinful, who has lost his wisdom and strength, and who is troubled.[1]

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Sunday, September 16, 2007


sharda_ashtakam at Stutimandal

Sample: O Sarasvatī, Who endows us with new knowledge, Who is decorated with new beauty, Who has face-resplendence equal to one hundred moons, Who is associated with wisdom and Veda, Who is compassionate, and Who is the abode of compassion! Bless and endow this poor soul with wisdom.[1]

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Saturday, September 15, 2007


Totakashtakam at Stutimandal

Sample: O Śaṅkara, Who is learned in nectar-ocean like pile of treatises, and Who is the repository of explained philosophy in the honored Upaniṣat! I throw myself before Your faultless feet in my heart. O Śaṅkara, Who is the realized master! Be my refuge.[1]

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Monday, September 10, 2007

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We have disabled the bookmarks currently, because most of the links under new pages section are temporary and they will be moved to their permanent location in a few months. We will add the bookmark feature after that. This is solely for your convenience.

Thank you for your patience.

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Sunday, September 09, 2007


Gajanana Stotram at Stutimandal

Sample: Salutations for You, O Gaṇeśa! Who has an elephant-face, Who takes a beautiful form with an elephant-face, Who is the son of Sage Parāśara, Who is the son of Vatsalā, Who is the brother of Vyāsa, and Who is the uncle of Śukadeva. Salutations for You, O Gaṇeśa! Who is the Lord of tormentors since time-unknown, and Who resides in His own bliss.[1—2]

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Vamshi Vaadana at Stutimandal

Sample: Dear Gopāla is singing nicely in the Rāga Naṭa. O friend! Let us go to see Him, so that the eyes receive the best sight. He is standing below the tree of Harasṛṅgāra at the bank of river Yamunā.[1]

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Monday, September 03, 2007


Nirvana Shatakam at Stutimandal

Sample: I am not mind, wisdom, pride, and heart. Or I am not ear, tongue, nose and eyes. I am not sky, land, power, and wind. I am thought and joy, I am eternal-bliss, I am eternal-bliss.[1]

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Baal Leela of Raam at Stutimandal

Sample: Sometimes Rāma stubbornly asks for the moon, sometimes He gets scared after watching his reflection, sometimes He dances around clapping His hands (or cymbals), and the Mothers are filled with joy on watching this.[1]

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Baal Roop of Raam at Stutimandal

Sample: [A woman says to another] This morning I went to the door of the King of Avadha, Daśaratha, and he came out with Rāma in his lap. After seeing Rāma, Who is the destroyer of worldly passions, I almost lost my mind, and those who don’t should be shameful.[1]

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Hari Apne Aangan

Hari Apne Aangan at Stutimandal

Sample: Hari (Kṛṣṇa) is singing something in his courtyard (Ā̃gana). He is dancing with His little-little feet and enticing His own mind.[1]

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Bhagirath Krt Vishnu Stuti at Stutimandal

Sample: O Viṣṇu, Who purifies the three worlds, Whose feet is revered by the universe, Who is the Lord of the world, Who nourises the world, Who is Supreme among best of men, Who is known as Nārāyaṇa, Who is infallible, Who is Hari, Who is the slayer of Madhu and Kaiṭabha, and Who is the supreme Lord! Accept my salutations and shower blessings on me.[1]

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Shiv Namavali Ashtakam at Stutimandal

Sample: O Śambhu, Who has a crest-moon, Who is the destroyer of Madana (Kāmadeva), Who holds a trident in His hand, Who is static, Who is revered by the mountain king Himālaya, Who is the Lord of Girijā (Pārvatī), Who is the supreme Lord, Who is the Lord of everything living, Who destroys the fears of the bereaved, and Who is the Lord of the universe! Save me from the dense miseries of this world.[1]

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Mahalaxmi Ashtakam at Stutimandal

Sample: O Mahālakṣmī, Who is Mahāmāyā (primordial cause of this illusionary world), Who bestows the worldly luxuries, Who is honored by the demi-gods, and Who holds a conch-shell, a mace and a discus (cakra) in hand! Salutations to You. O Goddess Mahālakṣmī, Who is seated on Garuḍa, Who is frightening for the Kola tribe demons, and Who absolves all the sins! Salutations to You.[1—2]

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Jay Jay Sur Naayak at Stutimandal

O Viṣṇu, Who is the leader of demi-gods, Who bestows bliss to people, Who protects the prostrate, Who is the God, Who is benevolent to cows and sages, Who kills demons, and Who is the dear one of Ocean’s daughter Lakṣmī! Be victorious.[1]

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Jagiye Vraj Raj Kunvar at Stutimandal

Sample: O young prince of Vraja! Wake up, it is morning and lotus-flowers are blooming in the ponds. The Kumudanī flowers are collapsing and bumble bees are getting out from creepers (to get to lotuses and flowers).[1]

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Gopika Geet at Stutimandal

Sample: O Murāri, Who roams in the gardens! Come near. O Mādhava, Who is the friend of those who bow upon, Who destroyed Madhu, Who is desirable, Who is Keśava, and Who is the ocean of compassion! Come near.[1]

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Sanakadi Krt Raam Stuti at Stutimandal

Sample: Be victorious, O Lord, Who is immeasurable, Who is without disease, Who is faultless, Who is polymorphic, Who is unique, Who is compassionate, Who is qualityless, Who is the ocean of qualities, Who is the temple of bliss, Who is beautiful, and Who is very posh![1]

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Sunday, September 02, 2007


Jagadamba Stuti at Stutimandal

Sample: Salutations to You, Who is the Goddess, Who destroys the sins, Who destroys the haughtiness of demons (enemy of demi-gods), Who gives territories to Hari and Hara, and Who finishes all the branches of a sacrifice![1]

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Krishna Chavi at Stutimandal

Sample: Kṛṣṇa is a cow-rearer, Gopāla, and is dear to Gokula and the cowherdesses there. He is also dear to cowherds and small calves. I sing glories of His lotus-feet which is continuously reverred and is rare for demi-gods and sages alike.[1]

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Gopi Upalambha at Stutimandal

Sample: O Yaśodā! You have a pledge on the name of Śyāma (Kṛṣṇa); come along and see the mischieves of this small and innocent Kṛṣṇa at my home.[1]

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32 names of Durga

32 Names of Durga at Stutimandal

32 names: 1) Durgā; 2) Durgatiśamini, Who destroys bad times; 3) Durgāpadvinivāriṇī, Who removes obstacles; 4) Durgamacchedinī, Who pierces hardest destinations; 5) Durgasādhinī, Who tames the hardest situations; 6) Durganāśinī, Who destroys difficulties; 7) Durgatoddhāriṇī, Who uplifts from bad fate; 8) Durgenihantrī, impossible to be slayed; 9) Durgamāpahā, Who destroys difficulties; 10) Durgamajñānadā, Who bestows of difficult knowledge; 11) Durgadaityalokadavānalā, Who is fire for mighty-tree-like demon civilization;

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Bhagavati Stotram at Stutimandal

Sample: Be victorious, O Goddess, Who bestows boons, Who destroys our sins, Who bestows all the results of various deeds, Who holds the skull of Śumbha and Niśumbha, and Who absolves human pains! Salutations to You; I bow to You.[1]

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108 names of Durga

108 names of Durga at Stutimandal

Sample: [Śiva speaks] O Pārvatī, the One Who has a lotus-like face! I am telling You those one-hundred and eight names, by the means of which Durgā or Satī can be pleased.[1]

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Ganesh Dhyanam at Stutimandal

Sample: I bow to Gajānana, Whose lotus-feet destroy the obstacles, Who is served by the Gaṇa of Śiva, Who eats delicious rose-apple and mangoes, Who is the son of Umā (Pārvatī), and Who is the destroyer of grief and obstacles.[1]

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Bhavani Ashtakam at Stutimandal

Sample: Neither father nor mother, neither relative nor donor, neither son nor daughter, neither servants nor husband, neither lineage nor knowledge, and not even my age-increment, but O Bhavānī! Indeed, only You are the course of souls in metempsychosis.[1]

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Indira Stotram at Stutimandal

Sample:  O Lakṣmī, Who is dear to Rāma, Who is the daughter of Ocean, Who is formless, Who is polymorphic, Who supports as the soul, Who is serene, Who is eternally-pure, Who bestows riches, Who bestows wisdom, Who is the grace of the chest of Viṣṇu, and Who is Indirā! Please be happy on me.[1]

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Saturday, September 01, 2007


Adi Sankara's Krishnashtakam at Stutimandal

Sample: Sing salutations to the only ornation of Vraja, Who destroys every sin (among us), Who is continuous bliss for His devotees, and Who is the dear one of Nanda. I bow to naughty Kṛṣṇa, Who has beautiful bunch of peacock feathers on head, Who has a sweet sounding flute in hands, and Who is inseparable from God and is full of colorful actions.[1]

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Sankasht Naashan Vishnu Stotram at Stutimandal

Sample: After the demons attacked again on the demi-gods, frightened Indra (Vāsava) and demi-gods started praying to Lord Viṣṇu for rescue.[1]

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Baal Mukund Stotram at Stutimandal

Sample: I remember the infant Mukunda, Who sleeps inside the hollow of a Banyan leaf, and Who, by His lotus-like hands, is putting His lotus-feet in His lotus-like mouth.[1]

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