Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Easy way to read our blogs!

We discovered Google-Reader today! You can add our blog to the feed-list in your google account and then it will be easier to read.


1) No need to visit multiple blogspot pages, just visit 1 profile of your's.
2) No need to bookmark, since google will keep them for free!
3) You can star or mark particular posts, and also tag them for yourself!


1) You cannot comment.
2) You will miss the background layout and connecting links.

But hey! It works good for a quick read and you can always visit our blog if you want to post a comment.

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Friday, April 06, 2007

Poetry Quiz

So you thought you remember a lot of stutis or stotras (panegyrics or eulogies)? Try our mock quiz. Tell us (by email) where do these lines appear:

1) को वा ज्ञातुं त्वां मतिमानं गतमानं
मायासक्तो माधव शक्तो मुनिमान्यम्|

2) मुनि साप जो दीन्हा अति भल कीन्हा परम अनुग्रह मैं माना |
देखउँ भरि लोचन हरि भवमोचन इहइ लाभ सङ्कर जाना ||

3) भक्तिप्रियाय भवरोगभयापहाय
उग्राय दुर्गभवसागरतारणाय |

4) गुरुस्त्वं शिवस्त्वं च शक्तिस्त्वमेव
त्वमेवासि माता पितासि त्वमेव |

5) यतो जायते पाल्यते येन विश्वं
तमीशं भजे लीयते यत्र विश्वम् |

Winners will be announced here after 3 weeks. Entries can be sent by April 20, 2007. There are no prizes. Please do not post the answers here.

Hint: All the poems are there at Stutimandal

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Interesting metaphor

We were translating Hanumān's panegyric from Vinayapatrikā of Tulasīdāsa, and found an interesting metaphor. While eulogizing Hanumān, the poet uses:


Who is like an oil-extraction machine in a battle for sesame-like army of demons

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