Saturday, August 20, 2011

srikrsnagitavali 03

Sri Krishna Gitavali #03 by Tulsidas at Stutimandal

(Click on the above link for the full poem)

Sample: Krsna says, ‘‘O Mother! Give me a small but thick missī rotī after adding clarified butter (ghī) to it.’’ Yaśodā says, ‘‘Take it Kanhaiyā.’’ Krsna asks, ‘‘when will he (Balarāma) get it?’’ Yaśodā replies, ‘‘Very soon.’’ Krsna replies, ‘‘I will eat this rotī alone and I will not share it with Baladāū.’’ Yaśodā asks, ‘‘why so?’’ Krsna replies, ‘‘O gentle woman, why does it bother you,’’ and roams here and there.[1]

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