Saturday, October 29, 2011


Sri Tara Pratah Smaranam at Stutimandal

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Sample: O Tārā, Who is the absolver from metempsychosis! At morning, I remember You, Who is the absolver, Who has a gentle smile, Who has three eyes, Who has a dark-blue complexion, Who has a pair of scissors, a skull, a lotus and a scimitar in hand, Who is the nourishing Mother, and Who is the ruler of sura, asura and men.[1]

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Thursday, October 27, 2011


Ashta Lakshmi Stotram on Dipavali 2011 at Stutimandal

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Sample: O Adilaksmī, Who is beautiful and Who is adored by the sages, Who is Mādhavī, Who was born with Soma (during ocean-churning), Who is golden in complexion, Who is a bestower of moksa that adorned the group of muni (sages), Whose speech is charming, Who is bowed by the Veda, Who is a dweller of lotus, Who showers good qualities and Who is worshipped by deva, Who is (joined) with peace, and Who is the enticer of Madhusūdana! Be victorious. Always protect (nourish) me.[1]

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Sunday, October 02, 2011


Argala Stotram from Durga Saptashati by Rishi Markandeya

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Mārkandeya spoke: O Goddess Cāmundā! May you be victorious. O Goddess Kālarātri, Who absolves (takes away) the living-beings, Who is all-pervading! May salutations be for You.[1] May salutations be for You, Who is known by (the names of) Jayantī, Mangalā, Kālī, Bhadrakālī, Kapālinī, Durgā, Śivā, Ksamā, Dhātrī, Svāhā, and Svadhā.[2]

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