Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Shiv Shadakshar Stotram at Stutimandal

Sample: The Yogī continuously meditate upon Oṁkāra, Which is eternal, Which is associated with Bindu, and Which bestows desires as well as liberation. Salutations for that Oṁkāra Śiva. The sages, the demi-gods, the group of celestial dancers, and the men bow to Śiva, the Lord of demi-gods. Salutations for that nakāra Śiva.[1—2]

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Blogger km said...

Does anyone know the music to play on harmonium for Sivasadaksara?

6/18/2011 06:25:00 AM  
Blogger Stutimaṇḍala said...

Dear KM:

We are untrained in music, but we have managed to get some response from team. It is pasted below.

Wishing well,


This is south Indian way (Chinmaya mission tune)

OMkAraM bi.ndusa.nyuktaM nityaM dhyAya.nti yoginaH |

n S n S r S n P P n S r S n S r S

kAmadaM mokShadaM chaiva OMkArAya namo namaH || 1||

r r rSn S r S n P P n S r S n S r S

Keep the key pressed between the letters.

Use any keys with this sequence in the key boardand use only P n S r

PdDnNS r RgGmM
^ ^ ^^
2 2 0
OR use any keys with spacing of 2 2 and 0


6/21/2011 11:47:00 PM  

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