Tuesday, November 06, 2007

New browser called FLOCK

We discovered a new browser called FLOCK. It is unique, in our opinion. Here are some salient points:

1) The best feature is customization. In only a few hours, we could customize which sites we login, whether to save passwords there, which RSS feeds are our favorites, which accounts should the browser remember, and so on. This feature is unique across all browsers. No other free browser supports all these desirable features.

2) Aesthetics quality is high. The buttons, the color themes, the tabs, etc. are very beautifully designed.

3) It is based on Firefox core, and therefore, it is expected to be robust and that's how it seems so far to us.

4) DOM and CSS methods are supported well enough.

5) It renders Stutimandal well. Need we ask for more!

We highly recommend the browser for usage.

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