Sunday, October 25, 2009


Dhana Lakshmi Stotram at Stutimandal

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Dhanadā spoke: Having gone to the noble Nīlakantha Śiva, Who is dear to me -- Goddess Pārvatī asked the following from Śankara, Who is the abode of compassion.[1

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Blogger manota-stavi said...

There are some mistakes in the akshara-s in this stotra. Firstly, it was spoken by dhanada (male - kubera) and not dhanadAA (female). Reference is in shloka No.9 - dhanada-pUjite.

shloka 10, it is ramArUpe and not rAmarUpe. She is form of ramA - lakshmi

And in shloka 20, it is told by dhanada, servant of suresha, i.e. servant of lord shiva who is kubera, whose residence is near Lord Shiva in Himalayas. Kubera is always referred to as servant of lord shiva in many puranas, as he is the lord of yakshas rakshasas.

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